AI Virtual Workshops 

Make AI Your Marketing Collaborator Virtual Workshop

Artificial Intelligence can be more than just a tool or platform, it can act as a collaborator, partner, and creative support system when you use it right. In this online class join marketing strategist and technology expert Sarah Benoit as she shares tips, tricks, and best practices for getting to know AI and training it to be a part of your team.

Be prepared to:

  1. Discuss the ethics of AI and what questions every brand needs to ask,
  2. Explore a variety of tools live and discuss the pros and cons,
  3. Gain insight into how the experts are training Chat GPT to think, write, and speak like they do,
  4. Play with tools that you are using and ask questions,
  5. And create an action plan for how you can make the best use of this technology and stay on top of this rich, complex, and powerful subject.

Let’s discover how these tools can make our marketing and communications faster, easier, and more engaging.

Recent Virtual Workshop

Did you miss our latest workshop on Chat GPT? Reach out to Sarah Benoit to bring a class to your group or region in person or online. If you attended the Get Started with Chat GPT virtual workshop you should have received a password so you can access the class recording. If you need any assistance please email sarah at

Get Started with Chat GPT Virtual Workshop

Join us for an exciting online workshop where you’ll learn all about Chat GPT, the cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. This workshop is designed for beginners who want to explore the pros and cons of AI and understand the potential benefits AI will bring to their business communications, marketing, and sales. Digital marketing strategist and technology expert Sarah Benoit will share the:

  1. History of AI and how it is all around us,
  2. The ethical considerations all brands need to have about AI,
  3. The basics of getting started with Chat GPT,
  4. Marketing and communications tasks that can be accomplished with AI,
  5. And what the future holds for brands and marketers.

Come prepared to play with Chat GPT live and leave with action steps you can take to begin making AI part of your marketing strategy.