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February 3, 2020 • 12:10-1pm (EST)

Join Justin and Sarah, co-founders of the JB Media Institute, and members of the JB Media Group agency team – Peter Frisa and David Gwaltney – as they share the power of Google Grants.

Registration closes at 10 am (EST) the day of the webinar.

The Often Untapped Power of Google Ad Grants

While some non-profits have been fully utilizing the Google Ad Grant for years, many more have either tried and failed or never attempted to utilize this free digital advertising service. The Google Grant offers qualifying 501c3 non-profits access to $10,000 per month in free Google search ads (text ads in the search results). 

The team at JB Media Group actively manages nearly a dozen Google Ad Grant accounts and have developed key strategies and best practices for maximizing the utilization and quality of web traffic and conversions from these grant accounts. 

Join JB Media Group agency team members Peter Frisa and David Gwaltney as they share what they have learned strategizing, setting up, and optimizing Google Ad Grant accounts over the last several years.

Wednesday, February 3 from 12:10 1:00 p.m. (EST).

Downloadable copies of all presentations and a recording of the webinar will be made available after the call.

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