Thanks for joining us at the
Asheville Chamber Smart Series!

Thank you for joining us for a robust discussion on AI in marketing. Remember the most important takeaway is that when it comes to AI you want to be strategic, educated, and rooted in your brand values and mission when you make decisions about this technology.

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AI Tools & Ethical Resources 

If you are new to AI use the free version of ChatGPT created by OpenAI to test out using AI to create content, answer questions, conduct research, and answer questions. 

Use Ideogram’s new free text to graphic AI and make your own images and graphics. takes your content and generates 30+ pieces instantly. Easily select the pieces you want in seconds. is an easy-to-use interface for creating AI-generated images. It’s a fast, efficient model for creating images from text.

A great entry point for both those unfamiliar with both AI and digital marketing. It provides templates that help inform the structure of well-designed copy and web content.

Simple AI-assisted branding generator to help come up with logo and branding ideas.

Use scripts to create videos using stock video footage and/or your own videos footage. Create captions and transcriptions.

Turn your videos into scripts and captions

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